Animare, 2022, Toulon

As winners of the Grand Prix Van Cleef & Arpels 2021, Edgar Jayet and Victor Fleury Ponsin were given carte blanche to occupy part of the former bishop’s palace, the Ancien Évêché, in Toulon. The former palace embodies the idea of a past function. It illustrates the impossible permanence of human occupation, while the walls remain.
In homage to this idea of impermanence, Animare evokes a simpler, more itinerant way of living. Through careful curation combined with the design of pieces of furniture, Edgar Jayet’s scenography opens a dialogue with Victor Fleury Ponsin’s works.
Inspired by the transportable furnishings of the Middle Ages, whose robust character contrasts with the lightness required to move them, Edgar Jayet explores the idea of nomadic furniture. Tapestries that were unrolled and then rolled up, trestle tables that were set up, the furniture of the Middle Ages responded to a necessary mobility relative to the way people lived. From this idea of perpetual movement and impossible permanence, Edgar Jayet occupied the space while keeping in mind the approaching necessity of having one day to leave. A dialogue made possible by means of a partnership with the Galerie Alexandre Piatti (Paris).

Conception: Edgar Jayet and Victor Fleury Ponsin

Production: Declercq Passementiers, Atelier François Pouenat, Atelier des Carmes, Atelier Palouma

Exhibition: ‘Animare’, from 23 June to 30 October 2022, Ancien Évêché, 69 cours Lafayette, Toulon (France)

Photography: Amedeo Abello